1. Blood Moon

Copyright 2016 Lonely Puppy Music BMI
Featuring Markus Stadler on banjo


Blood Moon, evenin' sky,
hanging low, evil eye,
will you touch me or my brother
who will live who will die

many battles we have fought
the captain says this is the one
twenty coppers I have wagered
I'll see my wife when this one's done

pale light early morning
cold dew on my beard
eyes open am I dreaming
bugle rings in my ear

an early charge has left us reeling
caught us all so unawares
blood and wounded all around me
and murder fills the very air

though my life is nearly over
I must fight again today
smoke is lifting hear them coming
I see my wife and speak her name

lonely widow in the shadows
bitter tears dry as sand
blood moon in the heavens
withdraw thy cruel hand