Pedalboard update

Here's the new layout for my now ridiculous pedalboard. My home-made Superfuzz is off and been replaced by the new Dunlop BFG Octavio with graphic eq. Tight fit but I got it in there. Unfortunately, it weighs a ton! Killer tones, though. Also got my old 1981 MXR Distortion+ in there. It's such a great sounding overdrive I had to give it a shot. Next couple of gigs will show if it plays along or not.

One spot still open on top left. That will be some sort of swirly effect like a phaser. I'd like to get a hand-wired MXR Phase 90 and have Analogman mod it with a blend pot. Ideally, I want the effect to barely be there, as in just a whiff of modulation. This layout should do for a bit!

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