So I had promised myself to be diligent about this, write about my gear starting from my number one amp, guitar and pedals, as they are all a little odd, but that ain't gonna happen! I'm very disorganized in the ol' noggin so that's how this page will be written. Good luck... 

First up is this Electra Les Paul I picked up recently. I'm a big fan of '60s and '70s era Japanese guitars. Favorite brands are Electra, Univox, Kent, Ibanez and a few more. Anyway, this Electra is probably a late 70s model 2245 or close. I haven't seen this exact guitar in my research yet. It is some sort of Les Paul Custom. It has multi-layered binding on the body and headstock, block inlays and originally had all gold hardware. There has been a lot of chrome hardware added in the form of Grover tuners and chrome-covered pickups, so it's just a mess and I love it. The workmanship is amazing on this guitar. Body is two 3/4" slabs of Mahogany sandwiched to form a 1 1/2" thick body with a 3/8" inch Maple cap. There are some spaces between the Maple and Mahogany, you can see them in the control and pickup cavities, it definitely looks like it was designed that way. Almost like it has some resonant chambers built in. Front and back of the body is then covered in Maple veneer. The neck is 3-piece maple with a quality Rosewood fretboard. Of course it's a bolt-on neck. It has a massive 1/4" shim between neck and body. It works! Set-up is amazing. Guitar plays and feels so good. Here's some pics:

The guitar did not have the original pickups in it (that was a disappointment as I love those Electra pickups, but that helped me get the guitar for a great price), but I could tell it had something good in the neck and something not so great in the bridge. Sure enough, it had a Gibson 'Tar Back' pickup in the neck with a 1980 date stamp, and some Epiphone thing in the bridge. I dropped a Gibson Custom Bucker 3 in the bridge position and badaboom, it rocks! The wiring on the guitar was terrible, as expected, mini-pots and huge blobs of solder, so right now I'm rewiring it. I ordered some NOS Sprague 'Vitamin Q' caps. Should be here tomorrow. Here's what it looked like before:

...and this is what it looks like with the old junk removed and the new 500k CTS pots ready for soldering. I'm going to rewire the switch as well.

I'll post when it's done. 

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  • Randal Wilson
    Randal Wilson Portland, TN
    Love the Website and this blog spot. I’m new to playing guitar so all the pictures and info is awesome to read!

    Love the Website and this blog spot. I’m new to playing guitar so all the pictures and info is awesome to read!

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