Got 'er done!

Surprising how easy and smooth it is to rewire a guitar from scratch rather than fix up someone else's botch job. Anyway, here's the switch wired up before installation... 

Here's the back of the pickups. Gibson Tarback on left, Gibson Burstbucker 3 with Alnico 3 magnet. Called a 'Custombucker' now by Gibson. 

And here's a shot of the neck cavity. Notice that piece of Poplar or Maple sticking out from under the neck. That's the shim! Definitely meant to be there. 

Here's the cavity with the finished harness. Rockin' the 50's style wiring, of course. Very nice, if I do say so myself! Guitar worked perfect right out of the gate. How does it sound, you ask? Fucking killer! Fat, warm, ballsy with a touch of nasty. 

Well, this one's done. Stay tuned for my next excursion...

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