Buck Owens Guitar

New project: restoring my Buck Owens guitar that has lived in a box under a bed for the last 18 years or so. I got this guitar when I played Buck's 'Crystal Palace' in Bakersfield in the 90's. As far as I can tell it was made in 1971. It came in the original Sears shipping box. Anyone my age will recognize the iconic Sears pattern on the box. It is addressed "attn: Dorthy Owens" too cool. 

Anyway, the headstock overlay on these guitars was made of vinyl that did not age well at all. If you see one today they either have no overlay at all, just bare wood, or they have a rebuilt overlay. You used to be able to get a thin painted plexiglass overlay that kind of worked, or you did it from scratch, as I am doing. Here's a pic of how the headstock looked when it came out of the box: I was able to rescue the tuners, all except the G string ferrule, which disintegrated. The truss rod cover didn't do too well either. Here's what's left of the pieces on my bench: 

There's a luthier in Athens, GA called Baxendale Guitar that specializes in old Harmony guitars and others.. They make a decal of the 3 stars and the lettering, which I got. Made an overlay from 1/16" thick Basswood and glued it on today. 

Here's the backside. Next week, painting and sealing. 


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