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Here's a nice shot from the Preachers reunion show at Churchills in Miami a few years back. 


Added a few Smoky White Devils tracks to the music player and got rid of a few. Hope you like 'em!


And they said it would never happen! Got a new computer and running windows 10. So...updates and new pics to follow!


OK so no more posting for me til I get a new computer with an up to date operating system. Windows XP just don't cut it no mo'. 


Hello everyone! It's been almost a year since my last post. The Smoky White Devils are history. At some point in the near future I will be out playing with a trio again. I spent the whole wet winter getting my last motorcycle, a 1968 Norton Atlas, back on the road. Almost done. Rock on!


A nice shot from the 5 Spot gig recently. (1/12) By our new friend Southern Raw Photos. 

Happy New year! Got the 1st gig under the belt at the 5 Spot in Nashville. Here's a pic of the stage featuring my new cabinet, an older Marshall 1936 loaded with Warehouse Speakers ET65 and wired for 8ohms. I cut a 5 inch slot across the back to give it an open-back feel and make it more audible onstage. These cabs are very directional. You can sorta see the LIC Pedals MK1 tonebender has found a permanent place on the pedalboard. The best distortion you ever heard. Singing lead tone with a nice snarl. 

That's my mid 90s Custom Shop SG next to the Black Beauty. Going to use it more often. 


Played in Manhattan Nov 15th at Bowery Electric. We used Supro amps right out of the box and brand-new, unplayed Vintage guitars. And yet, we destroyed the place. A trip to remember, if anything for the freaking snow 'hurricane' that night. 


Lest I forget, we had a killer time and show at the Muddy Roots festival. Mucho thanks to Jason Galaz for having us!


Don't want to give anything away, but.......................we've been invited to open the Richard Lloyd show at the Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan on November 15th! This is one of the last old-school venues in New York that I haven't played yet. That's about to change..


it's official! Smoky White Devils are part of the Plowboy Records roster. New record, NOS, releases November 2nd, 2018.


Throwin' down with Big Monti at the blues jam last week...


Found this pic on the 'Palomaniacs' facebook page. Playing my trusty Strat with Randy Gornell at the Palomino in N. Hollywood about 1990 or 91. 


Hanging with Sonny George and Boz Boorer at the Muddy Roots Boogie Weekender back in June...



Hello it's been a while! Smoky White Devils played a killer show last night at the 5Spot. We are getting closer to finishing the record, believe it or not. Still building fuzz pedals. This time a Tonebender MKI. Here's a shot from last night by our good bud Ted Drozdowski:

Brought the old Hiwatt out as well. Added a lot of chimey top end to my setup. And volume. Lots of volume. The little Orange is from the opening act. 



Great 1st show of the December residency. A tad loose around the edges but that's how I like it!


Next round of shows at the 5spot. Every Wednesday in December, 6-8.30. 


10.11.17 Awright. Been a while since last post. Played a great show last Sat at the old 5 spot. looks like we have a December residency there. Every Wednesday in Dec. Sounds good. My old buddy Rick Taylor hooked me up with a sweet Vintage V130. It's a copy of a Gibson single-cut special. I'm 'Artist of the Month' over there. Here's the link Here's a couple pics from the show.

9.2.17 Just finished my first ever from scratch pedal build. Check it out on the gear page.


8.26.17 Played Post 82 last week. A fate worse than death. At least we weren't the band that drove down from Ohio for this gig...


8.19.17 Playing the American Legion Post 82 in Inglewood tonite, 8pm. Should be good as we've worked up some new tunes and arrangements. 


8.13.17 Played the Tomato Art Fest in East Nashville yesterday, Muddy Roots 'stage', which was not a stage but fucking asphalt. Not sure if I've ever played on a street before. Hot and humid. I was delirious by the end of the 45 minute set. Jeez...


7.30.17. Just HAD to sneak one more fuzz onto the board. the little Ibanez 850 mini is a monster. Come out and hear the noize next Saturday, August 5th, at the 5Spot , 6-8 pm. 


7.22.17. Great little show last week for NAMM week. Lee Oskar, of Eric Burden & Animals, sat in the whole set. Next up : ye olde 5 Spot!


7.9.17. Happy to report the Smoky White Devils are out of retirement. Gearing up for a set next Friday at Ascend Amphitheater. Part of the NAMM festivities. Looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends. Then, in August, a bunch of shows at the old 5 Spot. We're operating as a 4-piece now with Mike Fergusen on drums. The band is rocking hard with some new arrangements. New songs in the pipeline for August, as well!



A quick recap on my Miami trip. It was fun playing with my old band the Preachers. We had a good run 1985-86. Here's a picture from before (1985)...

And after (2017)...

This is the amp I got to play through, thanks to the old rat bastard...


New old pedal day! Check it out on the Gear Blog page. 


And.. back in the studio with Smoky White Devils. Hoping we'd have released something by now. We are re-recording some older tracks and it's sounding very good. Switchyard studio rocks! Here's a pic of my spot in the sandbox...

Well, back from vacation and played the Hard Rock show. Miami was fantastic! Had a killer weekend of music with 2 of my old bands from the 80's, Iko Iko and the Preachers. Not much in the works for Smoky White Devils except to finish and release the EP and do some writing. Here's some pics from Miami, at Key Biscayne and playing the reunion show at Churchhills in Little Haiti. 

Next show: big showcase 2 hour gig at the Hard Rock in Nashville, April 11th. 

Departed the 5Spot with style! Ted Drozdowski opened with a killer set and got this shot of me with my Flying V. Turns out, he and his wife Laurie saw my last gig with the V at the old Family Wash (2007, also the last gig ever for the Balls), and now, 10 years later, they got to see the return of the killer V! (Lonnie Mack reference, hint hint)

Another killer show at the 5Spot. We got one more left. Next Thursday, 5/23 at 7pm. Ted Drozdowski opens at 6pm with his psychedelic delta blues. 

Our good friend Ted Drozdowski got some nice shots. Here's from Peter's view of the stage 

Monster show at the 5Spot last Thursday. Smoky White Devils starting to sound like a band! Brought out my '65 SG Jr. and gave her a good roll in the hay.

Started the residency at the 5Spot last night. Played as a 4-piece without Peter. Sweaty, greasy rock'n'roll! 

Overdubs for the new Smoky White Devils are progressing nicely! Here's a shot from Peter's awesome home studio...

Next show at the Blue Bar this coming Tuesday the 21st. 7 to 8.30 pm. C'mon!

Finally started recording! Cut drum track for 5 tunes at the Switchyard Recording Studio. 

Got the next Tuesday gig at the Blue Bar coming up on the 14th. 7 to 9pm. Details on the Shows page. Come out and see me! Great little club. Cozy (tight) stage with sticky beer soaked carpet. Some things never change. Band rocked last week. I worked up the old Iko Iko tune "Black Leather Woman". Also singing the Band song "Shape I'm In". Kinda surprised myself at how well it came off. 

Got the Electra finished on my Gearhead page. Check it out.

Working up my tune "Bury Your Worries" with the Devils. Be nice to play it with keyboards and backing vocals. 

New shows with the Smoky White Devils! Every Tuesday in February at the Blue Bar (midtown Nashville) and every Thursday in March at the 5 Spot (East Nashville). All early-ish 7 - 9pm. Check the 'Shows' page for more info.

Got some new fuzzed out hillbilly boogie comin' your way. Check it out on the 17th at the 5Spot. 

New confirmed show: Smoky White Devils on December 17th, 6-8pm, The 5 Spot in Nashville. More info on the Shows page. 

Some great new pics of me and the Smoky White Devils by Michael Weintrob on the photos page. From our gig 11/11/16 at 3rd&Lindsley with the Kentucky Headhunters. 

I have joined the band "Smoky White Devils" featuring Richie Owens (Dolly Parton, the Farm Bureau) and Peter Keys (Lynyrd Skynyrd). It's a funky musical romp that extends from East Tennessee to the Mississippi Delta by way of a Tonebender fuzz pedal. 1st show is a one hour opening slot for The Kentucky Headhunters at 3rd&Lindsley in Nashville, TN on Friday 11/11/16. 

New single "While Away" is now available.  You can hear it on our music page or find it on all music streaming providers.

For booking, music licensing, and other opportunities or requests; please use the Contact page.


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  • John Yarling
    John Yarling Ft. Lauderdale
    Hello Nick, I went searching for old friends and thought to look you up. I hope you are doing well these days given the situation we find ourselves in. I don't know if you knew Jack Shawde and Diane Ward but they now live in Nashville. When things eventually get back to normal I'm planning on visiting them up there and if you are still living there it would be great to hear you play. Take care and be well, John

    Hello Nick,

    I went searching for old friends and thought to look you up.

    I hope you are doing well these days given the situation we find ourselves in.

    I don't know if you knew Jack Shawde and Diane Ward but they now live in Nashville.
    When things eventually get back to normal I'm planning on visiting them up there and if you are still living there it would be great to hear you play.

    Take care and be well,

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